Tactical Rifle Shoot Results               23 June 2001
Ken Reed           1st place. Did not die, Ken read the information
                     and survived. Ken also shot all the targets and
                     did not miss any.
Devin Jones        2nd place. Died twice........17.50
Mike Lea           3rd place. Died 7 times......31.50
Rob Oates          4th place. Died 4 times......33.50
Ted McIntyre       5th place. Died 4 times......38.50
Justin Malsam      6th place. Died 5 times......36.00
Neill Goodfellow   7th place. Died 4 times......43.00
Dick Runnels       8th place. Died 5 times......54.50
Match Director’s Notes:
As defensive shooters the number of unsuccessful attempts to
negotiate the course show we are gamers still.  We need to
follow the C.O.F. directions and no get so caught up in the
"TIME STRESS". Ken is the only one to follow all directions,
he also finished in the allotted time.
Weapons handling was allot better, tactical reloads were
completed properly. We also need to practice with our rifles
as we do our handguns.  Transitioning and equipment use will
improve.  Next month we will shoot from different positions.
"Circumstance dictate tactics"