May 22, 2004 "Fun House" stage shoot.


This was a very fun stage for me to watch as you all went through it.  I wanted it to be test your abilities to the max and hopefully reveal your weaknesses and strengths.  I'm not going to single anyone out here, but as you read my comments, think back to how you shot this and see if you did or didn't do what I saw.


In my opinion, no one survived this COF.  There were two who came very close and may have, if this was a real life situation.  The biggest problem that got everyone "killed" was the hostage "X".  All but 2 people shot the hostage and didn't bother with the bad guy.  This hostage was marked with an X in the body and an X in the head.  I even explained up front to everyone "do not shoot the target with the X's".  The way I ran this was as soon as you shot at this target or if you were taking too long to decide what to do (I gave everyone about 3 seconds), I then released Saddam chasing the damsel.  One person shot the bad guy holding the hostage X correctly, but missed Saddam totally.  Another person was taking too long to decide what to do, so Saddam came out and he shot Saddam correctly, but then turned back to the Bad Guy holding Hostage X and proceeded to shoot the Bad Guy.  These two individuals came the closest to "surviving" the COF, but by missing Saddam and taking too long and turning his back to the Bad Guy, I feel like neither one survived.  I even had one individual take too much time, so Saddam was released, he shot Saddam correctly, but turned back and shot the hostage X.  I hope that this part of the stage has shown that when our adrenalin is up, we all don't think as well as we should.


Other observations: 


Some individuals went way too fast.  If this were real life, and this was your home, would you go as fast as you did?  May be partly my fault.  Next time I'll have to have a par time or explain that this isn't the Olympics.  :-)  A par time is hard also, because some are just naturally quicker.  Perhaps a set of criteria that you will be evaluated on would be better.


Some people hugged the barricades.  Distance is our friend.  Slicing the pie from farther back will give you a much greater chance of survival and help aid in seeing the bad guy before he sees or hears you.


Some people didn't even use the barricades as cover.  How many of you stepped out of the hallway, after shooting the 5 plates, to shoot the two bad guys holding the female hostage, only to realize when you turned around that there was another bad guy standing right behind you?


Ammo management.  There were a few instances of individuals not knowing where they had what, or what they did with a partially full magazine.  A couple of you dropped partially full magazines also.


This COF was not IDPA legal, however I put the pause in the COF to allow those who only had IDPA legal equipment (10 round mags for instance) the opportunity to replenish their ammo.  I think this COF was more along the lines of the "polite society" shoots that I've been hearing about. 


All in all, I hope all who shot it had fun and had a good learning experience.  I know I had both by just watching all of you shoot it.


Devin Jones



Total Match Results for 4/22/04



 Final Score







Bowen, David

116.69 (16)

Burgess, Ben

152.77 (24)

Fhuere, Corey

166.43 (15)

Goodfellow, Aaron

71.4 (4)

Goodfellow, Nate

101.08 (18)

Hadley, Dave

67.16 (16)

Hart, John

102.58 (15)

Ho, Russell

95.28 (18)

Hollis, Phil

136.27 (15)

Janstrom, Tom

154.44 (12)

Mabry, Ty

142.13 (14)

Peterson, Randy

176.78 (22)

Runnels, Dick

79.96 (17)

Schleifer, Bill

106.59 (18)

Trim, Nick

100.32 (19)

Winstead, Dewey

145.01 (17)