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Match director’s notes – 5/26/01

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Gentlepeople, that was an excellent day at the range!  The courses ran smoothly, we enjoyed perfect weather and all present shot safely.  Oh, yeah!  We had fun, too.   Turnout was light, at only 16 shooters, but that was expected with the Memorial Day weekend schedule. 


All present shot safely.   It’s particularly gratifying to write those words.  We will continue to be both vigilant and prompt when it comes to enforcing safe gunhandling rules.


Top-flight performances were put in by Gary Casner and Ken Reed in CDP and by Paul Kaczmarek and Devin Jones in SSP.  Your faithful match director forgot the location of his muzzle reference indicator on several of the stages.  Do as I say, not as I do!


What did we learn?

1.     Malf-dozier was contrived to distract one with malfunctions while forcing front sight focus.  It must have worked!  I did note that most shooters did not execute a forceful “Tap” before racking the slides of their pistols.  Bad idea, particularly for Glock and 1911 shooters.  Glock magazines don’t fall free when full by design. 1911 magazines often stick of their own accord.  Either way, a “Rack” alone will not put one back in the fight!


2.     Dynamic Marksmanship Index was intended to teach one point:  Get moving when you’re under fire!  Oh, yeah, don’t forget front sight focus, either. 


3.     Rest Stop confronted the shooter with multiple problems; a strange gun, retreat to cover; a type 3 malfunction; and shooting from low cover.  Most shooters remembered to “Lock” the slide back first.  This is a good habit to build because some type 3 malfs jam the magazine in place with pressure from the recoil spring.  In those cases, one can’t remove the magazine without first locking the slide back.    (My Glock survived its day in the dirt and the Russian ammo very well.)


4.     DEA #11 combined the now familiar themes of seeking cover and tactical engagement sequence.  It was intended to trip up those shooters who instinctively perform reloads with retention.  You best not be doing that in the middle of a gunfight!   I watched several shooters begin to reload with retention and change their minds in midstream.  Good idea.


We are indebted, once again, to the selflessness of the Safety Officers, who ran the stages very smoothly.  Randy (the Ironman of SOs), Devin, Justin, and Gary, thanks for your help!  To those of you who came early or stayed late to lug gear, targets, and iron – even without an SO slot, Hooyah!


Next month things will get close and personal.


Pistol Practice Day #3 will occur on June 9th.  We’ll be shooting the IDPA classifier in two pits.  Come to practice, shoot a better score for the record, or classify with a second gun; your choice.  See you at the range!