Classifier Results

Match Director’s Notes – Practice Day; 6/09/01

Match Director’s Notes – Practice Day; 6/09/01


We had an excellent day for practice; light breezes and not oppressively hot!  We do note that the water drain route does work as intended.   Irrigation sprinkler was in operation and all of the pits were dry.  Good show to our designers and earthmover! 


The mover/charger, designed and built by our own Ken Reed; was test driven in pit #3.  Several shooters pronounced the experience Excellent!  Look for it shortly. 


We ran the classifier for grins or for score, your choice.  Two shooters were newly classified:

·       Joe Kaczmarek – MM SSP (Just in time to shoot an out-of-town match.)

·       Mike Martin – EX SSR  (Well done!)


Look for our next IDPA match on June 23rd.  Come dressed for a gunfight!