Match director’s notes – 6/23/01

Match Results
Match Results By Stage


Another fine match – “Up Close and Personal!”  The stages were short and quick, with no shots over 12 – 15 feet.  It’s turning hot and with the neighboring field being fertilized, it was a most aromatic day.  Still, I can say the drainage path is working well.  Dry pits!  Mine, too.   Turnout was light.  Some would rather be at the River Festival, I suppose.


All present shot safely.   It’s particularly gratifying to write those words.  We will continue to be both vigilant and prompt when it comes to enforcing safe gunhandling rules.


Top-flight performances were distinguished by speed, as we tried to stress.  Noteworthy action by Ted McIntire of the ISP.  Fast!


What did we learn?

1.     To Close was intended to acquaint us with two things: close retention and creating distance.  It did that, with the added distraction of muzzle blast. 


2.     Devil’s Hole was intended to teach one point:  Get moving when you’re under fire!  Times varied hardly at all between the stand-and-deliver strings and the strings wherein one opened distance.  What do you think you should do? 


3.     Tueller’s Alley brought home the concept of maintaining valuable distance.  It was good to see that most could make their shots on the charger.  Next time, he might be moving faster!  Special thanks to Ken Reed for the outstanding design and fabrication of the charger!  It’s great.


4.     Get Back added a new element; opening armed self defense with an unarmed technique.  Your gun isn’t necessarily the best option.  It was here, though!  We also mixed in tactical priority, a single head shot; malfunctions and movement.  Whew!  It’s becoming complicated now.


We are indebted, once again, to the selflessness of the Safety Officers, who ran the stages very smoothly. Devin, Justin, and Ken, thanks for your help!  To those of you who came early or stayed late to lug gear and targets  – even without an SO slot, Hooyah!


In July we’ll expand the range of possible shooting scenarios.  Come dressed for a gunfight!.