Spring LRTR - April 17 - 18, 2009

Overall Team Members Score
1 Devin J. & Aaron G. 275 points
2 Dave S. & Cody F 245 points
3 Rocky M. & Neill G. 235 Points
4 David B. & Jim S. 205 points
5 Dave H. & Dick R. 185 points
6 Bruce B. & Jon K. 160 points
7 Brian K. & Tim G. 155 points
8 Rob 105 points


After Action Report courtesy of Brian Kohagen

2009 Spring LRTR at Paddock Reservoir Area


Precision - the degree of refinement with which an operation is performed or a measurement stated.


Here is the map of the Spring LRTR trip.




The meet up time was 1500 on Friday at the designated coordinates. I think all but about 4 of us were already there by the time I rolled in at 1500. Neill began with giving us the firing point coordinates that he and Rocky had planned out. 6 firing points over the course of about 7 or 8 miles along a rugged jeep trail. Most of the crew, as can be seen by this picture was outfitted with ATVŐs.


After the briefing each squad took of at about 30 minute spacing. Squad one headed for FP1 (Fire Position 1) while the rest of us chatted. Finally at about 1545, my squad headed for FP1 for the fun to begin!


Location 1 was right at the top of the first hill we could see from the rally point. At each FP we were given either a bearing or a back azimuth to search for the designated targets. Each FP also had rules on ranging of targets.


FP1: 0533641e 4882700n

Range Method: RAM, or Range Any Means.

Target ID: Main Target is Half Size Silhouette, with 8Ó Plates as bonus targets

Direction: 100 degrees

Rules of Engagement: 5 shots total per team member. After Main Target is engaged, if BOTH team members have hit Main Target, Team can engage bonus plate with remaining shots left. (Ex. If team member 1 uses 2 shots to hit MT, and team member 2 uses 1 shot, then you 3 shots to hit bonus plate for member one, and so on)

Score: 5 pts for each memberŐs hit on Main Target, 20 pt for bonus target

Total Available: 30 Points


Upon arrival at FP we used our binoculars to locate the target, as seen in the pictures below, finding it was not too hard, but you did have to look. Range was determined to be 480 yards by means of a couple of different laser range finders in the squad. Angle to target was determined to be about 10 degrees. So we used our calculators to do a little riflemanŐs math and came up with a target distance of 472 yards.


I was setup and ready to go, so I took the first shot. Using my Exbal software I plugged in the current MET, took a wind reading of about 8 mph with a ½ value, and used 1.5 MOA of left windage along with 11 MOA of come up. I was anxious to shoot and curious about my loads. I have just worked up a new load for a new bullet, the 175gr SMK over 41.5gr of RE15, giving me about 2550fps. ItŐs an accurate load, and I was hoping all my dope was on, as it turned out, my dope was dead on for the weekend. I hit it the first time, and had 4 shots to hit the bonus plate, my partner was still warming up, and missed the silhouette, but since we were the last group at this FP, I still got to engage a plate for no score, and had no problem hitting it with the next shot.



 470yd Silhouette w/8Ó plates around it.



FP2: 0533688e 4883526n

Range Method: Mil Dot Only.

Target ID: Main Target is Silhouette, with 8Ó Plates as bonus targets

Direction: 12 degrees

Rules of Engagement: 5 shots total per team member. After Main Target is engaged, if BOTH team members have hit Main Target, Team can engage bonus plate with remaining shots left.

Score: 5 pts for each memberŐs hit on Main Target, 20 pt for bonus target

Total Available: 30 Points


Driving on to FP2 we had to drive just off the jeep trail to the top of a little ridge then look back across the valley to locate the targets. They were placed in a cool position with the silhouette in a little cave and the bonus plates spread out around them.

You can see them in the middle of this picture.


We all got out our mil dot masters and starting going to work, it was determined that the distance was 360yds. Since I had shot first, the other team with us shot first, they confirmed the distance and off we went. I hit it easily with my first shot, and partner did to, and we got the bonus plate as well.


Once we were done with all the teams, there were still 5 bonus plates standing. Neill had us all setup on the plates and we did a SEAL team shotÉ all remaining plates shot at the same time. LotŐs of fun!



FP3: 0536797e 4886018n

Range Method: UTM form GPS or map.

Target ID1: Target is Silhouette at 0536387e 4885966n

Target ID2: Target is Silhouette at 05367191e 4886323n

Direction: from map.

Rules of Engagement: 5 shots total per team member.

Score: 5 pts for every round on Target, 25 points per target

Total Available: 50 Points


This was a little different scoring, we would score all shots we took and we had 2 targets to engage. We entered in the coordinates and came up with .25 to the first target, I converted my GPS to metric and had 405meters and 677meters to target. With my Exbal I can simply hit the meter button and get the right dope, so I didnŐt bother to convert.


We also had a little bit of a incline about 10 degrees for the first one and 5 degrees for the 2nd target, wind was full value and blowing about 5 to 8 mph.


I missed the first shot, but settled down and connected with the next 4.I had 9.5MOA of elevation and 1.5MOA of Right wind in for my dope. I pulled the first shot.


After watching others shoot at the farther target, I setup and dialed in 21.75MOA of elevation and 2.75 of Right wind. I hit dead center right on the money with my first shot. Rocky was spotting and said, right in the center. Neill then starts yelling, keep it shooting, donŐt slow down. As only he can do to encourage you. I jacked in another round, and pulled it to the right, because as I squeezed the trigger I was already racking the bolt. I forgot to follow through. After I slowed down and did the follow through I connected with the next 3 shots.


Lesson learned: Follow through is very important, and when you start rushing the shots it really becomes evident.


Target 2


That concluded day 1 and we headed for campÉ lots of fun and we found a new friend that brought along a couple of really cool toys. One night vision scope and a really, really cool thermal imaging scope. We took turns running out 100 yards and looking at each other in the scope after the sun went down. WOW! It was incredible. What you canŐt see with your naked eye turns into incredible daylight with the thermal imaging scope.


Being the men we were, we of course wanted to see if we could see the flash of a gun going off, so Aaron shoots his hand gun, nope, canŐt see the bullet, but you can see the brass ejecting out. Then of course, not being satisfied, we had to see what a tracer looked like. Bruce digs out his tracer loads and starts shooting into a hill thatŐs bout 2k away. Boy did those look really cool at night, but still no go in the thermal imaging scope.




The night was windy but not too cold, after a good breakfast, a chance to shoot a cool K?? swiss rifle with a straight back bolt design that Bruce had, we rounded up the gang and began day 2.


FP4: 0534282e 4888175n

Range Method: Wild Optic Range Finder


Target ID: Scud Missle with Silhouette bonus

Direction: 332 degrees.

Rules of Engagement: 5 shots total per team member. After Main Target is engaged, if BOTH team members have hit Main Target, Team can engage bonus plate with remaining shots left.

Score: 5 pts for each memberŐs hit on Main Target, 20 pt for bonus target

Total Available: 30 Points


The wind is blowing crazy, 10 to 17 mph wind on top of this hill looking for the Scud Missile target, at about 900 to 1000 yards away!


Can you find it???


ItŐs right here!


We put the Wild together, got it figured out, after a couple us took our turns Neil ranged it at about 960 yards. We confirmed with the laser range finder that it was 970 yards, after we had finished shooting at it of course. J



This was the first shot of the morning, and after watching the other guys and dialed in my dope of 36.5 MOA of elevation and about 4.5 MOA of left windage, and put the cold bore shot of the morning right on the target where I was aiming. The wind being what it was on the smaller silhouette I had some trouble, and could not connect, I never changed my point of aim or dope, but the bullet would go back and forth from left to right side just barely missing the target each time.


With the wind and all, Neill and Rocky elected to dig out the 300 Win MagsÉ Rocky did ok, but Neill also had problems like I did on the smaller target, which made me feel a little better about missing it.



Now because the other 2 teams had already shot FP4, we had to wait for one of them to clear FP5 or 6 before continuing. Being the men we were, we took a few more pot shots at the steel. By this time the wind had completely died down, and I hit the silhouette with my 308 with the same elevation but zero windage, where before I had 4.5 windage in.! All in 15 minutes.


Neill then decided that he wanted to hit the target while kneeling. It took him a couple of shots but he did hit it at 970 yards while kneeling. Neill then announced that that is how real men shoot at 1000 yards. Not wanting to appear to be a pussy in front of Neill, I grabbed his rifle and proceed to kneel down and shoot while kneeling as well. Thinking it canŐt be that hard! WRONG! At almost 1000 yards the slightest movement is a large move in the scope at that distance. I just missed to the left with my first shot, and hit it with my 2nd shot.


Now with my man card punched by the grand poobah himself, we were ready to go onto FP5.


FP5: 0534723 4888951

Range Method: SWAG (Silly Wild Ass Guess)

Target ID: 2 Painted Targets on Rocks

Direction: 230 back azimuth.

Rules of Engagement: 5 shots total per team member.

Score: 5 pts for every round on Target, 25 points per target

Total Available: 50 Points


The targets were fairly easy to find, going uphill and away at about 10 degrees.

Neill suggested that each of us take 1 shot at the estimated range and we work as a group to figure out the dope. Great idea.


The first guy up, canŐt remember his name figure the range to be around 500 yards or so, he had a range finding scope or something, took the first shot, was a little low but concluded after the shot that the range was around 550. We all dialed in 500 and pounded the crap out of the rock with glee!!


Took 14.25 MOA with ¾ MOA of wind and 5 shots later I was smiling!




FP6: 0535864e 4889977n

Range Method: RAM.

Target ID1: RR Target

Target ID2: MGM Flash Target  with Bonus Plates

Direction: 250 degrees, Target 2 180 of Target 1.

Rules of Engagement: RR Target was 5 shots, with each shot counting as 5 points.

MGM Flash Target was 5 shots total with the bonus plates as per other stages.

Score: Target 1 25 points total ea, 50 team , Target 2 - 5 points for silhouette and 20 for bonus.

Total Available: 80 Points


We used the lasers to range it and came up with, hmm I didnŐt write that one downÉ We also had about a 8 degree down angle to the target. Well it was 16 ¼ MOA of elevation to start, and I ended up with 13 ¾ of elevation with makes it about 525 yards or so, with a tricky wind, I had 4 ½ minutes of wind and missed every time. I was skunked on this target, and so was Neill. Again, hold was the same but wind kept moving it around, right off the edge every time.


Our group shooting FP6

Target 1 RR Target:

 Little itty bitty thing ainŐt it!


Target 2, the MGM flash target, proved to be much easier for me. With a range of 350 yards, I nailed it on the first shot, and go the bonus plate with ease. 6 ¾ MOA and 1 MOA left of for wind.

Rocky shooting the MGM Flash Target.



Well that concluded the shooting games, it was a fun time overall, I gathered a lot of data for my rifle, and got to use cool new toys and see how ranging with a GPS, using maps to get around, and eat freeze dried food all works.


All and all I was happy with my rifle and my performance, wind is a killer for me. Needs more work, and I canŐt really call shots that great. I need more work watching other people shoot their rifle and calling their shots, so that I can call corrections. Rocky and Neill are amazing to listen to, the way they talk to each other, and call shots and get each other on target is very educational. I need more of that.


One of the really cool things that happened to me on FP3 was I was able to see my own trace in the scope! The conditions were just right and the target far enough that I was able to see it on a couple of shots. For the most part I was able to watch the trace all the time as long as I had glass on the target and was standing behind the shooter. It is an amazing thing to watch!


HereŐs a few more pictures of us coming out, hereŐs to next time and thank you to Rocky and Neill for putting this educational and fun trip on!


Brian K.