Winter LRTR - January 16, 2010
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Shooter 1 2   2a 2b   1 2   1 2   1 2   1 2   Totals
Rob/Dave 50 50 100 42 39 81 0 35 35 25 25 50 60 60 120 60 45 105 491
Brian/Travis 60 50 110 38 0 38 30 23 53 20 5 25 45 45 90 50 35 85 401
Tom/Mike 50 50 100 20 0 20 35 18 53 15 10 25 35 45 80 50 60 110 388
Aaron/Devin 50 40 90 34 0 34 9 16 25 0 0 0 45 55 100 60 50 110 359
Rocky/Neil 45 40 85 12 16 28 7 24 31 0 10 10 35 45 80 50 35 85 319
Dave/ Jim 20 35 55 28 0 28 0 31 31 5 15 20 50 50 100 40 25 65 299
Doug/Ron 15 40 55 12 0 12 0 8 8 15 0 15 40 45 85 35 55 90 265
Bruce/Chad 35 35 70 22 20 42 9 0 9 5 10 15 35 35 70 20 20 40 246
Tim/Tony 0 0 0 23 0 23 0 0 0 25 15 40 55 0 55 40 15 55 173
Tim/Steve 5 45 50 20 0 20 0 0 0 20 0 20 15 15 30 50 0 50 170
Coy/Jim 0 0 0 20 0 20 7 16 23 15 15 30 0 0 0 60 30 90 163
Gene/John     0 7   7 23 14 37     0     0     0 44
Dave/Russ     0 17   17     0     0     0     0 17
  Denotes Stage Winners


After Action Report courtesy of Brian Kohagen

2010 Winter LRTR

Temp was between 35 and 40 all day,

Wind was fairly calm, between 0 and 5mph off and on all day, a few gusts up to 7mph or so, but nothing terrible.

Altitude, for me according to GPS was 2500', barometer had it a bit different, but all was good.


We had around 27 shooters and a few observers in the bunch, and few left early. Trystan B. help out in the kitchen and did a great job. Not sure what he put in the chili that went on the potato's, it tasted great but, man it made for an odoriferous drive home, and my family is enjoying it too! :-)


Neill and Rocky put on their usual great match, a variety of challenges, and a great time of gathering some cold weather data with our loads. Rocky set out his Chrono for those of us that wanted to see where our loads were, however the sun was behind clouds all day and it was difficult to get a reading without some sunlight on the chrono.


The LRTR was broken down into 2 parts, Precision paper and steel. Stages 2 and 3 were some great paper shooting and lets us gather some good data, and stages 1, 4, 5 and 6 were some good steel shooting challenges.


As a side note, I just acquired a 5.11 Titanium watch that has the Horus Sureshot ballistic calculator built into the watch, I made it a point to the shoot the entire match with the watch to see how accurate it was with it's ballistics, I had printed sheets from Exbal that I had just in case it was way off. I'm happy to say... the watch was dead on in it's calculations, the 1 Minute of error that I thought it had at longer range, turned out to be my Zero being 1 MOA high, but I didn't figure that out till late in the afternoon when I shot Stage 2.


So enough of the overview, here was the course of fire. Travis G. and I were paired up with Dave B and Jim S. It was a good squad and we had a good time.


Stage 4 - Shotgun House - We were squad 4 so we started on stage 4.


FFP -         Inside Shotgun shed, shooting off of the counter through the window.

Directions- From inside shed, target was 20degrees from FFP, look for Stop Sign.  Each team member engages target with 5 rounds each, each hit is 5 points Total points

                    possible 25 pts

Range Method -     Using Mil Dot system, range Stop Sign - 30" x 30"

Target -    Locate target about 10 yards to left of Stop Sign - Non-MGM  Rocker target - will flash when hit


Travis had a nice Leopold ranging spotting scope with mil dots in it. We both came up with about 1.5 to 1.6 mils and Jim and Dave concurred, range about 525yards.


Travis shot first, got 1/5, I went next and sent the first one high and outside, followed by 4 good hits. 4/5. Jim and Dave had 4 hits between them. Range was good, target is small. My starting dope was 12.5, with 0 wind. I ended up holding low and left on the target after the correction.


Stage 5 - Unknown Long Range Steel


FFP - Just above pistol pits in parking lot

Directions - From FFP range and engage 2 targets at UKD 5 rounds each, First shot worth 10 pts, each additional shot 5 points 60pts possible per team member.

Range Method - Any Means Possible

Target - Square white target about 27" square, Silhouette painted steel square, only hits in white paint count. Targets are right next to each other.


We ranged the target at 610yards from FFP, using a laser range finders


My turn to go first. first shot was high and to the left, Travis brought me down and almost on target with the 2nd shot.. 3rd shot hit upper left corned and knocked the target off the chain... it was hanging off of one chain now and was a diamond not a square. Last 2 hits also connected. We shot the rest of the match with the hanging diamond.


Moving over to the Silhouette, I manage 5 of 5, now that I had the range dialed in.


Dope on gun was 15.75, ended up at 14.5 with 0 wind holding left edge.


Can't remember Travis hits, but we both ended up with 45 pts each on the stage.


Stage 6 - Unknown Longer Range Steel


FFP - Just above pistol pits in parking lot (Same Position as Stage 5, just different aiming point)

Directions - From FFP range and engage 2 targets at UKD 5 rounds each, First shot worth 10 pts, each additional shot 5 points 60pts possible per member 120pts total.

Range Method - Any Means Possible

Target - Square white target about 36" square, Smaller steel white rectangle. Targets are right next to each other.


We ranged the target at 792 yards, using laser range finders.


Travis went first got the wind reading and knocked dead, 4/5 on left target, 4/5 on right target.


My turn, I dialed my watch in for 800 yards and it told me 25 MOA, knowing that is was 1 MOA off I set at 24 MOA with 0 wind.


First shot was little low and to the right, wind was doing some wierd things, moved 2 MOA left and held a little high folllowed with next 4 hits. Moved over to next target and got 3/5. Total of 35 points


Stage 1 - Multi position shooting at different ranges


FFP - Range next to the left of the Rifle line by club house

Directions  From FFP range and engage the 3 MGM Flash targets from Standing (nearest), kneeling/sitting (middle target), and prone (farthest) TEAM has 8 minutes to complete shooting each target with 5 rounds from each member. 150 pts possible for team

Range Method - Any Means Possible

Targets - MGM Flash Targets 10" round plate with 5" tab


We ranged the targets at 140 yards, 228 yards, and 415 yards respectfully.


This was cool because I got to use my new sling that I had just got. I wanted to get the quick-cuff that I had seen Devin and Aaron use last summer, and thought that was what I had ordered, but it turns out Tactical Interventions has a new sling out called the Combo Sling, that is both a quick cuff and a slip cuff depending on which way to orient the sling. It doesn't come with the cuff, you have to order it seperately... whoops... but the cool thing is it works as a slip cuff and that's how I deployed it. It worked great!


Travis and I decided to engage the targets by going back and forth. Time started and Jim and Dave called hits and kept score.


Dope for me was set at .75/2.5/8.5 for each range. 0 wind


Standing... I got 2/5 - I was thrilled


Kneeling - I used barricade for support, and got 5/5


Prone - I got 4/5 missed the first shot due to a little wind, but corrected and got next 4 on target... Travis was just about the same, except he missed the standing shots.


Total for stage was 110 pts.


Stage 2a - Precision Paper Punching! Israeli Targets


FFP - Rifle firing line

Directions - Engage the Israeli Targets with 7 rounds for each team member, ocular shots are 5 points, head shots were 3 points, I think...

Range - 100 meters

Target - Hard to describe, but there are a bunch of heads that are on a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, they are organized on the paper and each team decides which ones they need to shoot. Points possible 35pts each/70pts total


I shot first with Travis spotting me, first shot was dead center, 1" high - Ah HAH! My zero was 1 minute high all day... now my dope being off 1 MOA earlier made sense.

Next shot, right between the eyes ON WRONG TARGET!!!! DOH!!! This was part of the difficulty, because we had multiple targets for all teams up down range, making sure that you are talking to your spotter and communicating what to shoot and reminding them which target is yours is key! I had some good hits can't remember them, but rifle was shooting where I was aiming. Travis did great, his rifle is a tack driver at 100meters.


Fortunately, the target that I shot was a good hit and our other squad returned the favor by putting a shot on my paper with a good hit. Thanks guys!


Stage 2a - Precision Paper Punching! Israeli Targets


FFP - Rifle firing line

Directions - Engage the Hostage with 5 rounds for each team member, eye shots are 5 points, head shots were 2 points, any hits are hostage results in ZERO for team.

Range - 200 meters

Target - 8.5 x 11 paper with a head in center that is the hostage, 2 half head on each side of hostage are the target. Each team member engages 1 half head with 5 shots. Points 25pts each/50pts total possible.


Travis did a good job, put 3 in the face and 2 just off target. I on the other hand, drilled the hostage with my first shot... zero score on this one :-( I went ahead and shot my 5 shots to verify my grouping and zero however, because the 500 meter shots were next!


Dope 2.0 and 1 R - Good to go... just pulled the first shot left too much. :-(


Stage 3 - 500 meter group shooting


FFP - Rifle firing line

Directions - Engage 3" orange sticker on large white backer with 5 shots, 2 sighter's allows on Clays, shoot for smallest group, then engage the 2" paper targets under target for 500meter accuracy groups. Only score the accuracy groups, points possible. 50pts

Target - 3" orange target, 2" orange target and Clay pigeon


500 meters, I shot at clay and hit just above it, dial dope down, and shot just under it. Dope 13.25 1L


Group on white large board, 5.088" (That's less than 1 MOA!!!!!) I moved the center over to shoot for accuracy. First shot we couldn't see, turn out it between the black and orange, 1.5" from the center!, other shots fell around it and I ended up with 30 points.


Travis did just a good, and had almost an identical group, just .033" and inch bigger (I took the targets home and measured them) We got some good loads!!!! Travis moved is group over for accuracy and shot 23 points.


It was a long day of shooting, we finished about 4:30pm, cleaned up and headed for home after the usually BS in the clubhouse.


I felt pretty good about the match, and I really enjoyed shooting with Travis, I did not realize how well we were shooting till we tallied the scores, Travis and I were 2nd, overall, and the winner of today's bragging rights was using a stunning new rifle, that was a laser beam for accuracy. I gathered some really good data, and I was very impressed that the ballistic calculator in the watch was dead nuts accurate. I can trust it to give me the data I need, and if my scope is actually zered it will be even better.



Great day of shooting, thanks Rocky and Neill for setting it up. I really had a great time!


Brian K.