Parma Rod & Gun Club IDPA

Patrol Shoot 06/15/2002

Stage One,           Shotgun    Time    Miss's   Factor
1. A Goodfellow
   D Runnells                   5.17    1        5.37
2. N Goodfellow
   R Mink                       5.21    1        5.43
3. Ted Nicoles
   Rafe Zach                    6.20    3        6.58
4. Ken Reed                     7.01    0        7.02
   Rob Oates
5. Brian Babcock
   Bill Price                   7.23    2        7.55
6. Buz Chapman
   Dan Tuttle                   7.52    1        7.95
7. L Webster
   Seth Webster                 8.03    0        8.05
8. Rob Oates
   Nick Oates                   9.19    2        9.08
9. Steve Leonard
   Ryan Leonard                 9.41    2        9.85
10. Larry Parkes
    Matt Goodfellow            10.57    3       11.12
11. Marcos Cornejo
    Devin Jones                11.48    3       12.47
Stage Two, Rifle/Pistol
1. A Goodfellow
   D Runnells                  13.10    46      17.00
2. N Goodfellow
   R Mink                      17.32     6      18.03
3. Ted Nicoles
   Rafe Zach                   16.25     31     19.00
4. Buz Chapman                 18.15     28     20.58
   Dan Tuttle
5. Rob Oates
   Nick Oates                  20.10     35     23.05
6. Matt Goodfellow
   Larry Parkes                21.47     47     24.92
7. Larry Webster
   Seth Webster                25.26     27     27.25
8. Steve Leonard
   Ryan Leonard                23.03     57     27.75
9. Brian Babcock
   Bill Price                  26.31     53     30.93
10. Marcos cornejo
    Devin Jones                30.30     10     31.33
Combined Match Result
1. Aaron Goodfellow
   Dick Runnells                                22.37
2. N Goodfellow, Rocky Mink                     23.46
3. Ted Nicoles, Rafe Zach                       25.48
4. Buz Chapman, Dan Tuttle                      28.53
5. Rob and Nick Oates                           32.85
6. Larry and Seth Webster                       35.30
7. Matt Goodfellow, Larry Parkes                36.04
8. Steve and Ryan Leonard                       37.60
9. Marcos Cornejo, Devin Jones                  43.80


The shotgun stage was most well recieved by all. That was fun. All steel, went fast with lots of shooting. The bird throwers have no real tactical purpose other than to increase skills in shotgun handling and were just plain fun. I liked using that part of the range and anticipate doing so in the future. I believe that section would pretty much be limited to shotgun and handgun type of shooting.

The rifle course was better than expected. Parts were most challenging, especially the mini sammie targets, of which we now own 4. We also ended up keeping one of the precision rifle flag targets. Most of the misses for people came on the very last bank of NINE paper targets. Most hits were on the paper, however the score zone was the 1 and 2 zones, anything else was a miss. Many shooters were shooting low on the target and with 4 misses per target times nine, equals 3 misses in a hurry. The Rifle course is always tough to design. The idea is movement with lots of shooting. The challenge is to incorporate this into a time frame that is not too long. Frankly I am not sure how to have a team shoot a combined round count of 700 to 800 rounds and not do it in a time of much less than 15 minutes. I would say that this particular COF is relative unique and not many clubs are putting on such an activity. Part of the fun is shooting and using your gear and learning new tactics and techniques.

I do marvel at how shooter skills have shown much improvement over the last several years. Not only here but in the other shooting venues as well. I guess practice helps. Someone once said something to the effect that the task never gets easier, but our ability to do the task simply gets better.

I think in future such shoots we may try to do an all steel rifle match. This would be run slightly differnt because of the ranges involved to the targets but I think it is doable and would run quite fast and would be a cinch to score. Regarding the scores, the factor is simply the miss penalty converted to time and added to the raw time and divided by 60. This ends up with the factor representing time in decimals.

Suggestions and comments and ideas for next time are most welcome. ng