The 2007 Spring Offensive..The Taliban Run
Team  Raw Time Misses Final time / Ranking
Buz Chapman
Dave Brizendine
18.30 1 18.35
Neill Goodfellow
Rocky Mink


1 19.05
Aaron Goodfellow
Travis Gibson
19.00 5  1 FTDR 19.45
Nathan Goodfellow
Gavin Leonard
23.31 1 23.36
Dan Tuttle
Ed Pasteur
24.00 1 24.05
Steve Fransen
Ralph Grieninger
23.45 6 24.15
Dave Bowen
Jim Sullivan
24.00 6 24.30
Tyler Leonard
Trent Molton
27.00 3 27.15
Travis Leonard
Ryan Leonard
26.30 9 27.15
Travis Fisher
Eric Brown
27.00 25  1 FTDR 29.25
Jon Koopman
Dave Hadley
29.00 7 29.35
Ty Mabry
Bruce Bates
28.45 15 30.00
Ted Nicholes
Leni Nicholes
29.00 14 30.10
Neill Goodfellow
Rocky Mink
30.23 0 30.23  see notes
Steve Leonard
John Kemmerle
30.00 33  1 FTDR 33.05
Jessie Zach
Mike Zach
36.00 42 39.30


Rocky and I felt that this was probably our smoothest running patrol shoot ever.

We had a good time running this shoot. Everybody's help in setting up and in the tear down is most appreciated.

Thursday afternoon Rocky and I got to the range around 3 pm and worked to dark laying out the COF and putting out targets. On Friday Bruce Bates and John Kemmerle met us around 0930 and Bruce, Rocky, John and myself worked on setting targets. Early afternoon Ty, Buz and several others showed up to help with the final touches. This kind of set up help is really important and is very appreciated.

Rocky and I are listed in the scores twice. On the first day we fired the course late in the day. After a day and a half of lifting and moving steel around we were both pretty whacked, however we felt we needed a feel for the COF and the time involved. The COF was just a bit under a half mile in length. After we shot the COF we determined we had to make a change on the round count fired at the standing silhouette targets so we reduced that round count down to 4 shots per target versus 4 shots per target by each shooter. We felt that doing so would reduce the time. It did make a significant difference. Otherwise we would have likely had a lot of time outs or the COF could have taken up to 45 minutes or longer to run.

This was a great group of shooters who pitched in and helped with the re-set and of course the cleanup.

We finally accomplished a goal that we have been working towards for a long time. NO PAPER. All steel with plenty of targets. The knockdowns work well as do all the other targets. We especially like the knock downs, they give the shooter the ring of hit steel and immeadiate reaction when they fall off their stand. The pepper poppers give the same satisfaction. We saw no serious safety violations and everyone was able to RTB to their respective locations safely.

Several shooters, Travis Fisher, Eric Brown as a team, and Dave Handley all shot real men guns, translate that to .308 battle rifles. The rest of us shot pussy guns. You have to respect the .308 and iron site shooters.

We had some discussion regarding placement of the knock down plates relative to distance for the scoped shooters versus the dot sight and iron site shooters. I did observe some of the red dot site shooters struggle with hits on those plates but other red dot shooters seemed to make hits quickly with very few misses. I think at the two stages which used the pepper popper's, the scope sighted shooters had an advantage as they could see into the brush and ID the targets quicker and easier. At some of the other targets the red dot sights had an advantage for speed of engaging and shooting so maybe it kind of all worked out in the end. Some teams talked well with each other some could have communicated with each other better. Talking is good.

Gear to hold mags and ammo and placement of gear is always a learning experience. As long as We have been doing this I still am finding better ways to work my gear. Hopefully everyone who shot this will go away with a better feel for what they want to accomplish relative to their own personal gear issue. For me the current on line issue is a change of holster system and a change of mag gear relative to using hi cap mags for an STI and placement of those mags.

Tactics in this shoot are always a little different than say a standard IDPA or USPSA or Three Gun Shoot. We do try to emulate real life combat type tactics. Naturally this is virtually impossible in a real sense but even in the military when training you can not duplicate real combat.

We hope that everyone who shot this COF enjoyed it, learned something, and look forward to doing it again as do Rocky and I. Maybe we'll do another one in November.

Neill and Rocky.