Patrol Shoot March 20, 2010 - Commentary

Scoring was based on proper tactics, accuracy and safety. As can be seen the fastest time does not necessarily mean a win. A combination of speed, accuracy and proper tactics is what wins. 3 people followed the team and did nothing but make notes, score the various aspects and as a score team assigned values that either deducted time or added time depending on the team’s performance. I think this worked really well. 2 or 3 other persons served as safety officers for the team. There was minimal interaction between the team and the SO’s. It was the team’s duty to get the job done.

The shoot was broken down into three different sections, the time running during the entire event. The first section started the team on the ground, behind cover. On the start signal the team began engaging targets to their front and also initiating an immediate action drill which was scored and graded-did they get it done on time and did they peel off in a correct order and fashion. 4 Teams did, 3 did not. If the first man who had to peel off did not do so in a timely fashion, within 6 – 8 seconds of the commencement of firing, the entire team got behind the time curve and did not make the 30 second requirement.

The team then began a series of movement and cover fire bounds working their way towards an escape vehicle. Communication, tags, cover fire, rally points and security positions were all part of the scoring. No teams did it perfect. Usually by the time they had passed by the third pit and engagement area the fog of make believe war was settling in and things were going to hell in a hand basket. Pit zero contained two MGM Texas Stars or whirly gigs which had to be cleared one by each two main element of the team, while the other two main element provided cover. I must say that Travis G and Mike N cleared one of the stars so quick it is to bad it was not on film. Pretty cool. The teams then cleared weapons and mounted to the back of Steve Leonard’s new pickup. At the end of the day it was still bullet hole free! This ended the first section

Once mounted the team gave the go ahead to SL who proceeded across the lower end of the trap area with the team engaging a series of pepper popper knock down handgun targets and steel knock down rifle targets…….while the truck was moving. Targets were staged at no more than 30 yards out. Regardless, those targets, especially the rifle targets, are very difficult to hit. For some teams many of the penalty seconds come from not getting many of their targets. There were 4 ten second stops during this run allowing the team to pickup misses. Once the truck reached the main up range road that ended the second portion of the event.

The truck then proceeded to a stop point were the team egresses the vehicle and took up a defensive position to one side of the road engaging a series of targets. When those were cleared the teamed cleared weapons, re-mounted while a team member provided security cover. The team then proceeded to the next dismount area where the teams split to both sides of the road, cleared their respective threat areas and then as a team engaged a long range rifle target with a .308 caliber rifle.

Prior to the event we had a 45 minute briefing discussing the COF, safety issues, proper tactics to be employed and MEDICAL protocol in the event there was an injury. Who the medical person was, where the Med Kits where located and how commo to the nearest Para med service was to be made.

Seven teams fired the event. 2 teams elected to run again with a third team of two shooters who had run and two who had not run the event.

This match went well. A BIG THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS WHO SHOWED UP ON FRIDAY AND HELPED SET THIS EVENT UP. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT. The tear down crew did a great job as well.

Colonel Bates and several others were documenting the event so I think we will have photos shortly. That is much appreciated as well.

Mike Wirth ran a USPSA match that morning and during his setup some smart ass asked if the local militia was out training……….no just another shooting sport that is done a bit differently wearing different clothes than the fancy shorts and colored shirts and puff daddy 9mms…………..oops.

What is really great……………is hanging with a bunch of good folks.


Patrol Shoot March 20, 2010

Team Raw Time
(Seconds off time)
(Seconds added to time)
Adjusted Time
Travis Gibson
Mike Gibson
Mike Taylor
Mike Neff
9:50 / 590 -450 +115 4:15 / 255
Devin Jones
Buz Chapman
Aaron Goodfellow
Neill Goodfellow
8:47 / 527 -420 +185 4:52 / 292
Ralph Grieninger
Jim Grossel
Tim Groon
Jim Hicks
11:00 / 660 -390 +200 7:50 / 470
John Jensen
DuWaine Emmons
Jim Sullivan
Dave Bowen
11:15 / 675 -180 +225 12:00 / 720
Jon Koopman
Bruce Bates
Trent Moulton
Dave Hadley
12:11 / 731 -300 +320 12:31 / 751
Gavin Leonard
Tyler Leonard
Travis Leonard
Ryan Leonard
Note: pretty cool to have a team of brothers.
12:48 / 768 -300 +295 12:43 / 763
Mike Cuellar
Larry Bull
Ken Boer
Dan Tuttle
13:31 / 811 -270 +255 13:16 / 796