Results of Vintage Battle Rifle Match   18 August 2007

Eleven shooters met at the Parma Rod and Gun Club Range for the Vintage Battle Rifle Match. Two categories of rifles were used by the shooters: Semi-auto including M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and SKS and Bolt Action including Swedish Mausers and Enfield .303.

There five courses of fire for each shooter including 3 stages of 10 targets each at short range silhouette or steel knockdown targets and two stages of 10 rounds each at longer range 200 meters to 550 meters. Unlimited ammo was allowed but the short range stages were timed. The long range stages were limited to 10 rounds each with 10 minutes to complete each stage.

Scores were determined by adding the times required to complete the stage ( in seconds ) to the missed or non-engaged targets (10 points each) to come up with a final score, the lowest score being the winner in each rifle category.



Semi-Auto Rifles: Bolt Action Rifles:
Alan Baird 174 Cole Baird 316
Ted Nicholes 189 Craig Baird 386
Neill Goodfellow 225 Doug Teichert 416
Greg Teichert 263    
Brett Carpenter 332    
Dick Runnels 334    
Tyler Mills 412    
Mike Zach 561