preliminary results

Match Name:2017 NSSF NWRC
Match Date:7/27/2017
Last Score:11:33 7/30/2017

Overall CombinedOpenLimited
Stage 1 - Plates To No-WhereReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 2 - Poppers To Left And RightReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 3- Up And DownReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 4 - Be Careful ReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 5 -Zig or ZagReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 6 - Drag RaceReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 7- Did I Get em All?ReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 8 - Wall of SteelReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 9 - Waves ReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 10 - The ArrowReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 11- Ms For MGMReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Stage 12 -ChoicesReviewCombinedOpenLimited
Class Leaders CombinedOpenLimited
Category Leaders CombinedOpenLimited
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Notes:  Please review your results. The 30 minute arbitration period starts at 1210 mountain time when the scores were posted. If you have a dispute regarding a score please see a Range Master before 1240pm mst. At 1240pm the results will be finalized and no further disputes will be heard as per NSSF rules.