Range Reservations Use Policies 


First and Foremost: Firearms and firearm related activities are dangerous. As the event organizer you are responsible to ensure you have an adequate number of properly trained firearm safety and medical/EMT personnel on hand for your event. Parma Rod and Gun Club does not provide these individuals. 

If you do not know the number to the local Parma police/fire/rescue or you cannot describe to a responding agency how to get to the range, please print out the Emergency Plan Sheet and have it with you while at the range. NOTE: Not all cellular services work at the range. Check yours to be sure!

Additional Conditions and Requirements of Range Use 

  1. Event must carry their own insurance and list Parma Rod and Gun as an Additional Insured. A copy of the policy must be faxed or mailed to the club secretary prior to the event. (This is only required once during the policy terms regardless of the number of range events) 
  2. Everyone must follow the Posted Range Rules, this includes the rules against alcohol use and the use of incendiary or armor piercing ammunition. 
  3. It should go without saying, but please, police your area after your event.
  4. If you are a non-profit or LEO group wanting to use the range, include that in the comments section, and we will evaluate waiving your range fee. This is usually not a problem for 4H, Boy Scouts, Hunters Ed, or any LEO agency's using the range. 

Fee Schedule 

Unless exempted, all requests for range use will be subject to the following 2 part fee schedule: 

  1. Shooter Fee
    1. If you are charging your participant $0.00 to $99.99, the fee will be $5.00 Per Shooter Per day.
      1. Example – 2 Day shotgun class costs $75 – the per shooter fee would be $10.00 ($5 x 2days) 
      2. Example2 – 1 Day carbine class cost $75 – the per shooter fee would be $5.00 ($5 x 1day) 
    2. Events that charge $100 or more per participant the fee will be 10% of the total participant fee 
    3. Example – 5 day hand gun class costs $1200 the fee would be $120 per participant
    4. Example2 -1 day armorers class costs $150 fee would be $15 per participant
  2. Range Use Fee
    1. Using One Section of the Range – no additional use fee 
    2. Using Two Sections of the Range - $100 per day 
    3. Using the entire Range (3 or more sections) $200 per day 
    4. Using Clubhouse/Kitchen Area  (Please submit request for quote)

Total will be calculated after your event is complete, and a bill sent with option of CC payment or Mailing in a Check. 

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