Payment for 3 Year Family Membership

Please enter information on this form to make payment for 3 Year Family Membership . The amount is $275.00 .

Family Memberships include a spouse and legal children under the age of 23 residing with parents.

Family memberships are intended to provide familys with a cost effective membership for the enjoyment of the core family members. Spouse and their children.

Parma Rod and Gun Club use's an electronic gate system to allow 24/7 access to the range for our members. This gate system is maintained by charging a ONE time fee of $75 to NEW memberships. This fee includes your MAG CARD as a part of your membership. The card is good for life, and will renew with your membership on your annivesary date, as long as you don't lose it. (See Lost Gate Card below) 

Membership is for a 3 year period from the month you receive it. Your MAG CARD is programed with an expiration date.

Lost Gate Card - Replacement MAG CARD is $25 - Old one will be de-activated as soon as new one is issued.

Members agree to follow all PRGC safety and rules and regulations, and to be courteous to other shooters. It is understood  that the violation of PRGC rules and regulations or shooting range property, signs, or match props shall be grounds to terminate your membership.

Thank you,

Parma Rod and Gun Club Board of Directors

New Membership Renewal Membership  

This is a ONE time gate fee for all membership. This fee includes One Gate Card with your membership. Do Not Lose It! The card will be renewed annually for continued access to the range, if you loose it, there is a $25 replacement fee.

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