Combined divisions - these are NOT official results.
March 2011

Match Date: 3/19/2011

Place Name

USPSA Class Division PF
Lady Mil Law For
Match Pts Match %
1 Goodfellow, Aaron A54848 A Limited Major
625.0618 100.000%
2 Hixon, Hayden A66070 C Limited Major
543.4036 86.936%
3 Burchfield, Matt
U Limited Major
538.5755 86.164%
4 Kuo, Evans A63474 C Limited Major
525.5279 84.076%
5 Yates, Zach
U Limited Major
494.5393 79.118%
6 Pearce, True
U Limited Minor
490.3979 78.456%
7 Casner, Gary TY57674 C Limited 10 Major
415.4360 66.463%
8 Smith, Burton TY27331 C Single Stack Major
347.0334 55.520%
9 Merritt, Ray A61067 C Production Minor
335.0695 53.606%
10 Thompson, Tommy TY36775 D Single Stack Minor Super Senior 312.1380 49.937%
11 Burchfield, Mark
U Limited Major
300.0745 48.007%
12 Merritt, Eris A62893 U Open Major
292.3643 46.774%
13 B, Brian
U Limited Major
290.3364 46.449%
14 Racine, Doug
U Limited Major
247.8004 39.644%
15 Burchfield, Darrell
U Limited Major
236.3094 37.806%
16 Pollard, Derek
U Limited Major
177.8224 28.449%
Number of Competitors: 16

03/20/11 6:37 PM

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