First place team:     20 Minutes 38 Seconds.                Raw time             19.48

  • Aaron G
  • Bruce B
  • Rocky M
  • Devin J
  • Jon K
  • Neill G

Second Place Team      21 Minutes 12 Seconds                  Raw Time            19.32

  • Travis G
  • Raul G
  • Jim S
  • Brian K
  • Craig H
  • Chris L

Third Place Team      21 Minutes 14 Seconds                  Raw Time            19.24

  • Ralph G                        
  • Jim H
  • Jim G
  • Eric B
  • Tristan B
  • John

Fourth Place Team      23 Minutes 08 Seconds                  Raw Time            19.28

  • Travis Johnson                                 
  • Forest Odgers
  • Cody Scheiting
  • Robert King
  • Robert Martin
  • Ralph Grienger

Fifth Place Team      30 Minutes 3 seconds                    Raw Time            28.16

  • Matt H
  • Chris M
  • Alex Cl
  • Evan C
  • Drew C
  • Mike C

Sixth Place Team      35 Minutes 3 seconds                    Raw Time            25.43

  • Steve L
  • Rocky M
  • Tyler L
  • Trent M
  • Devin J
  • Matt G

Commentary - Match Director

After the November Patrol Shoot, Ralph G said he had some ideas he would like to run past me for the next Patrol Shoot. This was essentially the result of  what Ralph Had in mind. The  course of fire called for a six man squad divided into 3 two man teams. A sniper team, a rifle and shotgun team, and a DM and rifleman   team. Teams starting on the Eastern most pistol pits were designated the Alpha  team, the  team in the Conex pits were the Bravo team and the Sniper team started at the top of the hill North of the club house. The teams cleared their respective areas of targets and  all three converged at a   central point down range of the clubhouse at about the 325 yard point.

This was a very complicated course of fire that required the teams to coordinate their movement with a control. Each team had   stop points that could not be gone past until the team had clearance  from the main control  point. The reason for this was that fires were being directed towards  the several teams as they conducted their movement. Our erstwhile artist, Bruce Bates did a masterful job of laying out the course of fire on the clubhouse white board. A picture of the course of fire can be seen in the attachment. Ralph’s drawing of the event that we worked from is also attached. BCRD stands for barricade or cover.

Once of the interesting aspects of this was that one portion of the team, say the Alpha team could have issues that  in a strict two-man competition would have eliminated them from  being competitive whereas in this event  it may or may not have had an impact at all. For example, Jon Koopman and I were the Alpha team which included the designated marksman and a rifleman. I was shooting an Armalite AR10 that decided to puke on me with about every third round jamming the gun. Part of the COF we were dealing with required coordinated fires from each person on the two man team and with me  constantly dealing with a jammed gun it slowed us down considerably. In spite of this, we reached our first stop point and still had to wait for the sniper two man team to  reach their safety point before we could proceed. As such our total team time was not adversely affected by my rifle issues. We subsequently reached our second stop control point just seconds after Bravo team reached their second stop point even though they had cleared to their first stop point much faster than we did.

Part of the Alpha COF required a series of plates to be taken out by each rifleman. One shooter would hit a center located target after which the second shooter would take out a plate. This process would repeat itself until all the plates on one side of the pit were cleared. The shooters would then switch roles clearing the other side I the same fashion.

I really wish someone would have taped Travis G and Raul G blaze through that portion of the event. It was rifle poetry in action. The first and follow-up shots were so quick you could hardly discern the difference  between shots. Very cool to watch.

Sniper targets were set up as   far away as seven hundred yards. For the experienced long range shooters it did not take long to clear those  targets. They then began moving towards the club house taking out a series of handgun targets, more rifle targets and finally holing up  behind the 300 meter berm while waiting for the two rifle teams to work towards them.

The Bravo team  had a series of rifle knock down plates in excess of 130 plates and about 50 clay pigeon targets to take out as   they advanced  thru their course of fire. It was set up a bit less complex than the Alpha  team targets however, if you have never shot that many clay pigeons with a shotgun in a timed event you will quickly learn that it is a process to keep that shotgun loaded and shooting.

Once Alpha and Bravo teams linked up  their were still another 125 plus steel plates  to be engaged with 4 of the new sniper plates needing to be engaged 4 times each by each rifleman.

I was reminded  how fast a twenty round magazine, loaded to 18  rounds go  empty. It is not a holly weird gun. Even 30 round AR mags go dry in a quick hurry.

Rocky and I appreciate everyone that helped set up on Friday. We could not do this without that kind of help. The tear down crew  which was just about everyone  was great as well. The event was taken down and put away in less than an hour.

This particular shoot is pretty unique. There are not many places in the country that offer this kind of opportunity. Running through a course of fire such as this tells you a lot about your skills, tactics, your weapon  your support gear or LBE and your ability to work with a partner and a team. Great fun, fun to shoot and fun to watch.

Neill Goodfellow

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