Patrol Shoot March 17, 2012 Scores and comments.

Team               Raw Time        Sniper              Spinners          Steel                            Final time

# misses          not spun          left standing

+10 sec            +30 sec            +10 sec


Devin Jones                 16.41   -0-                    -0-                    18                                19.41

True Pearce

Aaron Goodfellow

Neill Goodfellow


Travis Johnson USAF   18.11   -0-                    -1-                    18                                21.41

Robert Martin USAF

Jesse Howry USAF

Devin Jones WTH


Jim Sullivan                 18.13   -5-                    -0-                    24                                22.18

Dave Bowen

Jim Hicks

Trent Mouton


Travis Leonard                        20.36   -10-                  -0-                    17                                25.36

Tyler Leonard

Ryan Leonard

Gavin Leonard

Terry Bell


Alex Clarke                  24.17   -1-                    -1-                    19                                27.27

Evan Clarke

Drew Clarke

Mike Clarke


Chris Mill                    20.25   -26-                  -2-                    20                                29.04

Bruce Hillier

Dave Rice

Jesse Maier


Buz Chapman              32.42   -7-                    -1-                    29                                39.12

Dan Tuttle

Bill Tuttle

Ken Boer

Arturo Arauga


This was the first time that the set up for the Patrol shoot was done the morning of. I was a little concerned about that but it went very well. We had a brief shooters meeting were we discussed the COF and basic rules and safety issues. We then handed out assignments to the various teams to each set up specific portions of the COF and off we went. The shooters meeting started shortly after 0800 and we started shooting at about 1045. We stopped for lunch around 1330 with the last team finished shooting by 1600. The tear down and put away was completed by 1655 and at 1700 those still on site were in the club house for a soda and short debrief. I was really pleased with how that all went. We will follow this format in the future.

The rappelling was interesting to say the least. This portion added anywhere from just under 3 minutes for some to 7 or 8 minutes for other teams. We saw some very smooth rappels to some pretty ugly rappels including the most experienced rappeller there. That is what happens when you have an inexperienced belayer on the line. That may even be on video. I heard that if it shows up somewhere that the person taking the video might not survive the next patrol shoot. J We will not do this every time, but count on it again in the future. By then the club will have a wall in place and safety rail on the top floor so that we can use the entire tower.

Probably the big issue before the match was the rule..iron sites only. Talk about pissing and moaning about not being able to use their red dot or other type optics. Some people even had to go out and buy iron sites! You would have thought the world had come to an end. What people found though was they could shoot and hit targets from 20 yards out to a hundred yards , quickly, and with not to many misses. Most of the targets were our 8” knock down plates. One shooter who was quite bummed about the rule has decided he is going to keep using his irons...That was a good lesson for everyone and reinforced what I personally knew. Regarding red dots, I like them and for my older eyes they really help me shoot faster especially at the further targets where I have to slow down a tick to define my site picture and iron sites just are not as clear as they used to be. Even so my old eyes did ok. However at distances beyond 150 yards or so, an optic with a reticule trumps the dot.

The nature of this kind of shoot is really pretty unique to the shooting sport world. I do not personally know of any other such matches anywhere. If any of you do, I would like to hear about it. It takes time to set up, tear down and lots of folks to run the match itself. Everyone present did a pretty good job of helping in all of these areas.

Many thanks go to D Runnels and S Leonard for helping run the match. Dick ran the rappel tower and Steve drove his pickup during the match hauling the team thru the vehicle portion of the match letting the team shoot out of his truck. Neither, Dick or Steve shot the match. Anyway I appreciate all of their help.

I am looking forward to the fall shoot. If you have any ideas shoot them to me.

Neill G - Match Director

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