Parma Rod & Gun Club Membership Application 

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Welcome to the new membership management application for the Parma Rod and Gun Club. We have had many requests from the members asking for a way to know when membership are expiring, and automating reminders before expiration.

You will recieve 3 automated emails leading up to the expiration of your membershiop. 60 Days, 30 Days and 1 Day before

If your are an EXISTING Member, here is what you need to know and do:

  1. You need to login to the website to see your Membership Profile - CLICK HERE-->> Membership Area | Member Access
  2. Your Username should have been emailed to you in an email, if you did not recieve, you can click on "Forgot your Username" under the Member Access Menu
  3. You need to reset your Password, we generated a random password when we uploaded the membership list, and you will need to click on "Forgot your Password", enter your email and follow the directions to reset.
Once you have logged in to the system, you can see your membership status, expiration date, and options for renewing your membership and/or ordering a replacement card.

If are a NEW member, here is what you need to do:

  1. Very Simiple, click on one of the Membership Options in the Menu or CLICK HERE-->> Individaul, Family or Agency
  2. Choose your membership duration and click "Sign Up"
  3. Fill out the form and choose your method of payment, either Credit Card or Postal Mail Service
  4. You will recieve an email with your username and password manageing your account like an existing member.

Select Membership Level below and fill out form

Membership Level - Click on Any Level Membership Cost

New Members add the following amount to all levels

Annual Individual $100


$75 for a NEW Memebership

5 Year Individual $425
Annual Family $110
3 Year Family $275
Law Enforcement Agency



Please Note: Memberships (Both New and Renewal's) are processed in Bulk at the end of each month. This may mean, depending on when the end of the month occurs that it WILL be AFTER the 1st of the next month before complete processing is finished. While it only takes a minute to fill out the forms and pay, it is not an automated fulfillment process and does still take us time to process membership's and renewals. - Thank you.


Membership Process: Please Read!

Process for applying for Parma Rod and Gun Membership:

  1. Submit Application Online - 

  2. Submit Payment (Online or by Mail, your choice)

  3. Application are processed at the end of each month, and gate card is mailed out and system updated.

  4. We do not have a way to expidiate requests at this time.

  5. If you have any question please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.


Please set your spam filter to allow the domain, if you do not recieve and email confirmation when you finish, your system may be blocking the email.


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