Range Tour Virtual Tour!

Our first attempt and a Virtual tour of the Club. Check it out. We have some outdated information already, that's how fast things are changing! But take a look and learn something new as most of the info is up to date!

Also, we have a lot of questions about closing the range during major events. Guess What? The Parma Rod and Gun Club is NEVER completely closed to members. We have spent the last few years updating and creating an area that is only for the membership. You will ALWAYS have a place to shoot, no matter what is going on at the range (Unless we are doing some range maintaince, then we will close an area for safety, but those daare few and far between)

Membership has prioirty. If you want to shoot, and you are a members... that 3 West Pits, that are .22/Pistol/Rifle are yours to use.

NRA Affiliated Club

Gun Owners of America

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